Abbe, Dorothy; The Dwiggins Marionettes
(041 ABB)
This coffee table book is an intriguing and comprehensive record of one artist's experiments with puppetry. Dwiggins was the creator of the counter-balanced marionette, and one entire chapter is devoted to his method of marionette construction. Includes a reprint of his pamphlet "The Marionette in Motion." There are 368 illustrations, including 67 color plates and 60 line drawings. 1974, 233 pages, hardcover.

Ackley, Edith Flack; Marionettes: Easy to Make! Fun to Use!
(048 ACK)
1929, 115 pages, hardcover.

Adachi, Barbara; The Voices and Hands of Bunraku
(101 ADA)
1978, 256 pages, hardcover.

Alkema, Chester Jay; Puppet Making
(021 ALK)
1971, 48 pages, hardcover.

Allen; Selected Puppet Plays
(042 ALL)

Andersen, Benny E.; Let’s Start a Puppet Theatre
(024 AND)
1971, 91 pages, hardcover.

Baird, Bil; The Art of the Puppet
(038 BAI)
Certainly the best all around book on history and geography of puppetry with a sound text and excellent choice of pictures. Large coffee table book with 251 pages and many photos (over 100 in color.) A good overview of traditional and modern puppetry. 1965, 251 pages, hardcover.

Batchelder, Marjorie ; Puppet Theatre Handbook
(006 BAT)
1945, 293 pages, hardcover.

Batchelder, Marjorie and Camer, Virginia Lee; Puppets and Plays (copy 1)
(009 BAT)
1956, 241 pages, hardcover.

Batchelder, Marjorie ; Puppet Theatre Handbook copy2
(061 BAT)
1947, 293 pages, hardcover.

Beaton, Mabel and Les; Marionettes: A Hobby for Everyone. (1948 ed.) copy 2
(060 BEA)
1948, 186 pages, hardcover.

Binyon, Helen; Puppetry Today
(015 BIN)
Various types of puppetry, but emphasis on shadows. Describes experiments at Bath Academy. 87 photos and drawings, some color. 1966.

Blumenthal, Eileen and Taymor, Julie; Julie Taymor: Playing With Fire
(107 BLU)
With 195 illustrations, including 110 plates in full color, this is a lavish account of the work of this artist - also known for her work on The Lion King Broadway Production. Although she is not exclusively a puppeteer, her stage and film work includes extraordinary the use of puppetry. 1995, 208 pages, hardcover.

Boehn, Max Von; Puppets and Automata
(094 BOE)
1972 English edition of original 1929 German test, 257 pages, paperback.

Boehn, Max Von; Puppenspiele
(095 BOE)
1929, 292 pages, hardcover. (Text in German.)

Boy Scouts; Skits and Puppets
(019 BOY)
1969, 70 pages, paperback.

Boylan, Eleanor; How To Be A Puppeteer
(020 BOY)
Illustrated by Tomie de Paola, 1970, 132 pages, hardcover.

Bramall, Eric and Somerville, Christopher M.; Expert Puppet Technique
(103 BRA)
1963, 104 pages, hardcover.

Brown, Forman; Punch’s Progress
(043 BRO)
A wonderful story of the adventures and misadventures of the Yale Puppeteers from their beginnings to the great success of their Turnabout Theater. 1936, 250 pages, hardcover.

Bussell, Jan; Puppet’s and Progress
(012 BUS)
1953, 119 pages, hardcover.

Callahan, Pegg; Puppets, Stop the Flap!
(076 CAL)
This little book is a step-by-step system for improving mouth manipulation. Not only will you learn proper mouth movement but also techniques of performance which will bring your mouth puppet to life. 1994, 87 pages, paperback.

Cassell, Sylvia; Fun With Puppets
(013 CAS)
1956, 113 pages, hardcover.

Champlin, Connie and Renfro, Nancy; Storytelling With Puppets.
(063 CHA)
1985, 293 pages, hardcover.

Clarke, P.M.; Simple Marionettes
(044 CLA)
48 pages, hardcover.

Clarke, Carl Dame; Molding and Casting
(111 CLA)
1938, 300 pages, hardcover.

Cochrane, Louise; Shadow Puppets In Color
(025 COC)
1972, 48 pages, hardcover.

Cole, Nancy H.; Puppet Theatre In Performance
(032 COL)
Subtitled "Everything you need to know about how to produce puppet plays" this comprehensive text, despite the lack of pictures, contains a wealth of practical information. 1978, 272 pages, hardcover.

Creegan, George; Sir George’s Book of Hand Puppetry
(104 CRE)
1966, 95 pages, paperback.

Crothers, J. Frances; The Puppeteer’s Library Guide Vol. I (copy 1)
(022 CR0)
1971, 474 pages, hardcover.

Crothers, J. Frances; The Puppeteer’s Library Guide Vol. I (copy 2)
(023 CR0)
1971, 474 pages, hardcover.

Currell, David; Puppets and Puppet-making
(069 CUR)
1992, 80 pages, hardcover.

Currell, David; The Complete Book of Puppetry
(071 CUR)
1974, 206 pages, hardcover.

Davis, Stephen; Say Kids: What Time Is It? Notes >From the Peanut Gallery
(099 DAV)
1987, 234 pages, hardcover.

Dawson, Robert and Joan; Sculpture With Simple Materials
(113 DAW)
1971, 96 pages, paperback.

De Hempsey, Sidney; How To Do Punch & Judy
(074 DEH)
This unique book includes a complete Punch and Judy play, directions for making the puppets (including a drawing of each one), and performance tips. You'll also learn how to construct a stage, use a swazzle, and much more. Many black and white illustrations. 1945, 106 pages, hardcover.

Detroit Institute of Arts; Puppets Past & Present
(093 DET)
Photos of the Paul McPharlin collection of puppets, including a marionette by Virginia Upson Houghtaling. 1960, 40 pages, paperback.

Devet, Donald and Allison, Drew; The Wit and Wisdom of Polyfoam Puppet Construction (copy 1)
(078 DEV)
1983, 24 pages, paperback.

Devet, Donald and Allision, Drew; The Wit and Wisdom of Polyfoam Puppet Construction (copy 2)
(079 DEV)
1983, 24 pages, paperback.

Emberley, Ed; Punch & Judy: A Play for Puppets
(087 EMB)
1965, 27 pages, hardcover.

Engler, Larry and Fijan, Carol; Making Puppets Come Alive
(089 ENG)
Illustrated throughout with helpful demonstration photographs, this book was conceived specifically to teach beginners how to bring a hand puppet to life. You'll also discover how to mount a good amateur puppet show complete with suitable staging, costumes, props and special effects. 1973, 192 pages, hardcover.

Evec, Janet; Puppetry - All the Beginner Wants To Know
(008 EVE)
1952, 88 pages.

Evec, Janet; Puppetry for Fun and Profit
(106 EVE)
1960, 88 pages, paperback.

Fettig, Hansjurgen; Hand and Rod Puppets
(072 FET)
1970, 119 pages, hardcover.

Fijan, Carol and Ballard, Frank; Directing Puppet Theatre Step By Step
(082 FIJ)
The finest technical skills, the best script, and the most attractive puppets and scenery are nothing without a person who can put it all together. Learn the principles of directing and how to apply them to puppet groups of all sizes. The authors present their information clearly and simply for easy application. Includes complete script and blocking of "Where Are You, Cinderella?" 1989. 96 pages, 80 b/w photos.

Finch, Christopher; Of Muppets and Men
(039 FIN)
1981, 180 pages, hardcover.

Fisher, Douglas; Wooden Stars: The Lanchester Marionettes
(092 FIS)
Photo essay of Britain's famous Lanchester marionettes illustrating their construction methods for carved wooden marionettes. 75 b/w and 5 color photos. 1947. 50 pages.

Fling, Helen; Marionettes - How To Make and Work Them
(026 FLI)
A complete book of marionette craft, from making heads and constructing bodies to stringing the marionette. It contains a wealth of illustrations, tricks, helpful hints, and solid, easy-to-follow advice. More than 400 illustrations show every step of making and working the marionette, from conception and construction to performance. 185 pages.

Forte, Imogene; Puppets: Friends at Your Finger Tips
(052 FOR)
1985, 79 pages, paperback.

Fraser, Peter; Puppets and Puppetry
(051 FRA)
1980, 168 pages, hardcover.

Fraser, Peter; Puppet Circus
(114 FRA)
1971, 152 pages, hardcover.

Frazier, Nancy and Renfro, Nancy; Imagination: At Play With Puppets and Creative Drama
(054 FRA)
This exciting book combines creative drama and puppetry, using very simple materials. Strong emphasis on curriculum integration in science, social science and language arts. 1987, 96 pages, hardcover.

Gilbertson, Irvy; Practical Puppet Plays
(033 GIL)
Includes 17 scripts for use in a Sunday School setting. 1977, 61 pages, paperback.

Hanford, Robert Ten Eyck; Complete Book of Puppets and Puppeteering.
(036 HAN)
Down to earth modern all around puppetry book. Practical production and direction advice. Includes many whimsical drawings, some photos. 1976. 160 pages

Hawes, Bill; The Puppet Book.
(073 HAW)
1977, 261 pages, paperback.

Henson, Cheryl and the Muppet Workshop; The Muppets Make Puppets
(085 HEN)
In this book enlivened with pictures of Muppet characters, you will learn how to create and operate over 35 great puppets using stuff from around your house. Tips on scripts, stages, and shows, makes this a complete guide to simple puppetry. 1994, 112 pages, paperback.

Hodgson, Karen Lee; Clare of Assisi. (Video)
(116 HOD)

Hogarth, Ann and Bussell, Jan; Fanfare for Puppets
(070 HOG)
1985, 152 pages, hardcover.

Hunt, Tamara and Renfro, Nancy; Puppetry in Early Childhood Education.
(053 HUN)
For children from pre-school to third grade. The book is divided into four parts; Creative Puppetry in the Classroom, Puppetmaking for Children, Using Puppets in Your Daily Routine, and Sources of Materials and Information. The numerous drawings, photographs, ideas and enormous talent and enthusiasm of the authors make this book very useful. 1982, 258 pages, hardcover.

Hunt, Tamara and Renfro, Nancy; Celebrate: Holidays, Puppets, and Creative Drama..
(055 HUN)
The book's focus is on holidays celebrated in the United States, mainly national and some religious, with an eye toward how all children can enjoy them, regardless of national origin or ethnic group. The authors have used puppetry and creative dramatics to host and help celebrate these red-letter days. 1987, 208 pages, hardcover.

Hutton, Darryl; Ventriloquism
(105 HUT)
1976, 128 pages, hardcover.

Jenkins, Peggy Davison; The Magic of Puppetry
(056 JEN)
Subtitled "A Guide for Those Working With Young Children." 1980, 142 pages, hardcover.

Johnson, Rheta Grimsley; Good Grief. The Story of Charles M. Schulz
(100 JOH)
1989, 256 pages, hardcover.

Lago, Roberto; Mexican Folk Puppets
(005 LAG)
1941, 27 pages, hardcover.

Lewis, Roger; Puppets and Marionettes
(007 LEW)
1952, 44 pages, hardcover.

Luckin, Joyce; Easy To Make Puppets
(028 LUC)
1975, 48 pages, hardcover.

Mahlmann, Lewis and Jones, David Cadwalader; Puppet Plays for Young Players
(049 MAH)
1974, 194 pages, hardcover.

McPharlin, Paul; Puppet Heads, Hands and Feet and Their Making
(002 MCP)
1931, 32 pages, hardcover.

McPharlin, Paul; The Puppet Theatre in America 1524—1948.
(050 MCP)
1969, 734 pages, hardcover.

Merten, George; The Marionette.
(040 MER)
1957, hardcover.

Merten, George; The Hand Puppet
(108 MER)
1957, 132 pages, hardcover.

Mills, Winifred and Dunn, Louise M.; Marionettes, Masks, and Shadows
(057 MIL)
1927, 270 pages, hardcover.

Mitchell, Evelyn; Bible Storytelling Puppets
(037 MIT)
49 pages, paperback.

Miyajima, Tsunao; Theatre Japonais de Poupees
(097 MIY)
1931, 109 pages, paperback. (Text in French.)

Morton, Brenda; Needlework Puppets
(014 MOR)
1964, 110 pages, hardcover.

Nelson, Nichloas and Hayes, J.J.; Trick Marionettes
(047 NEL)
Short descriptions of a variety of trick marionettes. Some may seem a little far-fetched, because the straight stick controls used in those days assumed several hands were available. 1988 reprint of 1935. Originally published by Paul McPharlin. 32 pages.

Obraztsov, Sergei; My Profession
(084 OBR)
255 pages, hardcover.

Ohlson, Kay B.; Felt Puppets
(027 OHL)
1973, 23 pages, paperback.

Philpott, A.R.; Modern Puppetry
(088 PHI)
1967, 128 pages, hardcover.

Puppeteers of America; 1995 National Puppetry Festival Workshop Book
(086 PUP)
1995, 283 pages, paperback.

Puppeteers of America; Puppets: Art and Entertainment
(102 PUP)
1980, 83 pages, paperback.

Puppeteers of America; Costuming Puppet Characters with Frances Oznowicz (Video)
(115 FRA)

Reiniger, Lotte; Shadow Puppets, Shadow Theatres and Shadow Films
(029 REI)
1970, 126 pages, hardcover.

Renfro, Nancy; Puppetry, Language and the Special Child.
(062 REN)
1984, 152 pages, hardcover.

Renfro, Nancy and Armstrong, Beverly; Make Amazing Puppets
(080 REN)
1979, 32 pages, paperback.

Roberts, Jim; Strutter’s Complete Guide To Clown Make-Up
(112 ROB)
1991, 95 pages, paperback.

Rossbach, C. Edmund; Making Marionettes
(045 ROS)
1938, 31 pages, paperback.

Rottman, Fran; Easy To Make Puppets and How To Use Them at Church..
(034 ROT)
This book takes you step-by-step, offering simple suggestions for making and using Bible puppets, writing and adapting scripts, building a stage and scenery. An excellent introduction to using puppets with youngsters in a church setting. 1978, 192 pages, paperback.

Salzburg Marionettes; P.1. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker (Video)
(117 SAL)

Schonewolf, Herta; Play with Light and Shadow: The Art and Techniques of Shadow Theater
(017 SCH)
1968, 95 pages, hardcover.

Sims, Judy; Puppets For Dreaming and Scheming
(035 SIM)
1978, 152 pages, paperback.

Slade, Richard; You Can Make a String Puppet
(016 SLA)
1966, 46 pages, hardcover.

Spatharis, Sotiris; Behind the White Screen
(031 SPA)
Memoirs, history and art of Karagiosis, the Greek art of shadow puppetry, including the best known puppeteers and techniques of the art. 1976, 150 pages, hardcover.

Stadelman, Paul and Fife, Bruce; Ventriloquism Made Easy.
(075 STA)
1989, 102 pages, paperback.

Stahl, Leroy; Marionette Handbook
(003 STA)
1938, 96 pages, paperback.

Stahl, Leroy; Simplified Stagecraft - Homemade Equipment For the Stage
(004 STA)
1938, 92 pages, paperback.

Stalberg, Roberta Helmer; China’s Puppets
(098 STA)
1984, 125 pages, hardcover.

Sternberg, Harry; Silk screen Color Printing.
(081 STE)
1942, 78 pages, hardcover.

Suib, Leonard and Broadman, Muriel; Marionettes On Stage
(030 SUI)
Patterns for two marionettes using slotted card as basis. Script: “Kandu and his Talking Wonder Dog.” Aspects of production, management, advertising. 38 photos, 84 drawings. 1975. 243 pages.

Sylwester, Roland; Teaching Bible Stories More Effectively With Puppets
(109 SYL)
1976, 64 pages, paperback.

Tichenor, Tom; Tom Tichenor’s Puppets
(091 TIC)
1971, 224 pages, hardcover.

Tilakasiri, J.; Puppet Theatre of Asia
(018 TIL)
1968, 166 pages, hardcover.

Tuttle, Florence Piper; Puppets and Puppet Plays
(110 TUT)
1962, 80 pages, hardcover.

UNIMA; Puppet Theatre of the Modern World
(096 PUP)
1965, 228 pages, hardcover.

Vandenberg, Tom; Special Effects For the Puppet Stage
(083 VAN)
21 pages, paperback.

Whanslaw, H.W.; Everybody’s Marionette Book
(064 WHA)
1935, 192 pages, hardcover.

Whanslaw, H.W.; The Bankside Book of Puppets.
(065 WHA)
164 pages, hardcover.

Whanslaw, H.W.; A Bench Book of Puppetry: Containing Useful Reference in Alphabetical Order.
(066 WHA)
1957, 216 pages, hardcover.

Whanslaw, H.W.; A Second Bench Book of Puppetry: Containing Useful References in Alphabetical Order.
(067 WHA)
1957, 223 pages, hardcover.

Whanslaw, H.W.; A Book of Marionette Plays
(068 WHA)
156 pages, hardcover.

Worrell, Estelle Ansley; Be a Puppeteer: The Lively Puppet Book
(090 WOR)
1969, 96 pages, hardcover.

Wright, John; Rod, Shadow, and Glove Puppets From the Little Angel Theatre
(058 WRI)
Detailed construction and production techniques. Sound, lighting, painting, black theatre, scene construction, care and selection of tools, adhesives, suppliers (in Great Britain), paint, dyes. Script “Wonder Island” suitable for three glove puppeteers, administration, plan of little Angel Theatre, touring stage and more. 1986. 192 pages. 35 photos and 74 drawings.